I make things.

I'm a software engineer from Minneapolis, MN.

Currently working at Target Corp, I focus on Android apps written in Kotlin.


I spend a lot of time writing Free + Open Source Software.

You can find me on GitHub.

I also write the occasional article on Medium.


I've been making software professionally for over 10 years.

You can find my updated resume on StackOverflow.


I love taking photos in my free time!

You can find me on 500px and Instagram.


I'm passionate about privacy and data encryption.

You can find me on Keybase.

My PGP fingerprint is: F4F0FCBA19C371E2FFD08CB62BDD0590E081F37C

Ham Radio

I'm an amateur radio technician: KE0YOG

I typically monitor Minnesota DMR Channels and Repeaters in the Northeast Minneapolis area.


You can reach me at hello@ReneeVandervelde.com