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🎈 Expect Fun

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A series on Kotlin development, with a focus on multiplatform applications.

Independent Audit of Ionspin’s KMP-Libsodium

An independent audit of the ionspin kotlin multiplatform libsodium wrapper, verifying the library integrity and security through manual file review.

Builders are for Java

An exploration of when and how to use builder classes in Kotlin.

Values and Enums in Kotlin

An updated description of how to leverage the best parts of value classes in place of some enums.

⌨️ Generically Typed

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A collection of my thoughts on various topics.

Feature Flags as an Anti-Pattern

Over the years, I've begun to recognize scenarios in which feature flags have become a bad habit in projects. While there are some good use cases for feature flags, I have found them to be less useful in practice than the industry would seem to suggest. At their worst, they can be outright harmful to a project.

Fixing Firefox's Session Restore After Restart

Firefox doesn't seem to respect the "open previous windows" setting when the browser is closed for a restart. As someone who likes to start from a clean slate, this was frustrating me quite a bit. I decided to fix it the hard way.

Why not Medium?

An explanation of why I'm moving my articles to my own website, rather than rely on a platform like Medium or Substack.